Pretty Ugly is the first book in the Mercy Mc Series. It’s King and Carmine’s story. King and Carmine first appear in my Dollhouse Series so if you like their story and like them and want to read more about them you can in my Dollhouse books. You can get that at Amazon. Pretty Ugly … More

.99 Cent Sale

No Mercy – Book 1 in the Dollhouse Series is on sale for .99 Cents!!! Grab your copy before it goes back up to it’s original price of $2.99. Pick up your copy here: Amazon Buy Link Synopsis: “Do you know what the funny thing about Mercy is?” Cap asked her. Before she could answer … More .99 Cent Sale

Freebie Friday

I had planned to do this every Friday. To pick one book that’s currently free and I’ve either read it or it’s on my TBR. Butttt….. I suck at blogging and I’ve skipped the last like 2 or 3 Friday’s. So I suppose it will be the sporadic Freebie Friday and not the every Friday … More Freebie Friday

Untitled Prologue ~ Something I’m working on.

Something I’ve been working on when I need a break from The Dollhouse and My King. It’s a little darker than anything I’ve ever written. It’s Untitled, unedited, subject to change and all that blah blah blah. Copyright © Mary Martel Prologue “Twins,” she sneers. “The devils spawn, the pair of you,” she shakes her … More Untitled Prologue ~ Something I’m working on.

* Freebie Friday *

Freebie Friday!! It’s Friday! Yay! TGIF. So the weekend is here and that gives me lots to look forward to. Two days with my girls and my hubby where we get to spend the whole day together fishing, swimming in our pool and just enjoying each other. I always look forward to Friday’s every week … More * Freebie Friday *